Ulead Photo Express’ smart select and blur tool.


Ulead has a very user-friendly interface compared to the other advanced photo editors. It doesn’t follow thought that photos edited using Ulead won’t produce quality photos—in fact, Ulead can have the same quality outputs, minus the migraine (I told you, it’s user-friendly!).

Ulead Photo Express has this special tool called smart select. It actually acts like Adobe’s lasso tool but what’s good about this is that, it detects the edges of a subject in a photo without complexity. You just click on the edge of the photo subject you want to cut, and trace it like you’re making an outline. You can smudge the area using the blur tool to remove the sharp edges. These effects’ transparency can also be adjusted from 100% to 0% so that you could achieve that perfect edited picture you always wanted.

Photo taken from http://www.freecovers.net