In-Camera Photo Editing

Most digital cameras in the market, including the basic compact cameras, come with in-camera photo editing features. While these features are limited and cannot perform complicated tasks like Photoshop can, the quick fixes that they provide suffice the needs of ordinary folks.

Some of the most common in-camera photo editing features include removing red eye, beauty shots (results in smoother looking skin), basic filters, cropping, and more. Note though that the name for each feature varies with each camera brand so as to fit their marketing spin.

Aside from the in-camera photo editing features, camera manufacturers also sometimes provide free editing software when you buy their cameras, especially for the high-end models. These software may or may not offer more than your basic editing features but is still a pleasant bonus. Of course, if you take your photography seriously enough to take out a loan to buy equipment, chances are that you won’t settle for a basic editing tool and buy one that gives you more advanced features.

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