A New Way of Refocusing with Lytro

If you are just getting started with photo editing, it is advised that you use photos where the background is out of focus. This means learning to master your shooting skills first so that you can come up with good pictures with blurred backgrounds.

The task of getting the focus just right can be tricky for most beginners, but thanks to Lytro you don’t even have to think about the shot much and just keeping on shooting pictures. This means that you no longer have to sweat keeping the home you are building in focus when the camera’s autofocus keeps zooming in on the workers that are part of the shot.

This is because you can easily refocus your images AFTER taking the shot. In fact, anyone you share the photo with online can also do so! Of course tweaking the “living picture” you take with your Lytro is a completely different matter. Still, if it’s something as basic as getting the focus right you are struggling with, then Lytro just might be the camera for you.

Image via Lytro